Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi


get an ipad 2 for a few dollar more. sux.

aaand… how is this different from the first ipad? Except for being cheaper?

yeah… i thought an iPad was something to prevent those “accidents”

Not in stock

Wow a refurb already, must have been dropped in the toliet where it belongs.

I’ll stick with my Etch-A-Sketch, thank you.

Won’t add any reviews, unless you live under a rock you know what this is…

Hopefully only a few… I can give a @#@%$ about this…

Before someone asks Android or Ipad, I say iPad because it’s cheaper and has a bigger display. At least it’s cheaper to a comparable android tablet. Not the el cheapo ones.

Again bet the BOG is going to the BOG of Repeat lol

where are the 2’s?

First one was 3G, this one is Wi-Fi only.

lets see, did they not sell 10K Viewsonic gTabs
for a wee bit less just a week ago or so ??

Makes one wonder…

Why do people have to abbreviate everything? Why can’t they just type out “sucks”? And am I the only one who hates “prolly”? Ugh!

$$$ NO “DEAL” here again…OVERPRICED by Woot…I googled it and they have it for $349…$20 difference…BIG DEAL! Woot WAS awesome at one time! $$$$$

You’ll save $40+ compared to buying a used iPad on Amazon. This is a good deal.

Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi

* + $5 shipping

1 Apple MB292LL/A iPad 1st Gen 16GB Wi-Fi Refurb

Hey - up to a dozen!

Android is open source (free), iPad is developed by satan.