Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Only - Black

That’s a little spendy for a second generation iPad … even with the warranty.

I. Agree, although I’ve had the second generation for several years and it’s a workhorse!

From what I looked up, it can only be updated to iOS 9.3.5

I’ll buy it for $20 that’s about what it’s worth. Unless you want to just watch movie and read books.

I would not recommend this tablet to anyone, especially at $150 doloars. The OS is old and can’t be upgraded. As another user started, it is only good for watching videos. The inability to upgrade the OS prevents all ownereally of this old tablet from downloading and using almost all iPad store apps, almost all of these apps have been upstaged and require your device to have the latest Apple OS to work. Save your money until you can buy a current t Apple iPad.

I have an iPad 3 with the same issue. It’s worthless since I can’t install almost all apps which I need. I’m upgrading and buying a new 2017 iPad, with Retina and enhanced screen, so I can use it with upgraded digital art apps.

If you don’t need apps, then look around, you can pick these find these used in Amazon, for a cheaper price.


Apple Iphones and Ipads that are not 64 bit will be left behind since Apple is heading towards all 64 bit support only. I’d pay $20 just to tinker with but that is it.

4th generation selling at the Bay for $10 more - pass…

Are you afraid to post a link to eBay?
Here’s a 4th generation (Grade B+)!
for the same price, with FREE shipping.
Here’s a few more.
Grade A - $170
32bg model for $165

How much “life” does the 4th gen have left?

As long as you’re at it, this is the same iPad 2 on eBay for $97.

I have one of these. DO NOT BUY THIS!!! It is too old and antiquated. It will run as slow as molasses. You will pull your hair out trying to use it. These are better suited for the recycling center to get what little usable parts they can from it. They are not fit for consumer use.

hmmm… I just bought my 128Gb iPad mini 4 for $270… so thought this was a good price…

As with all things Apple, built in obsolescence the minute you buy any of their products, you’re on a timer as to when they can stop supporting the device to get you to buy their overpriced ‘latest and greatest’. Much more so than the average electronics.

Yep. Never again will I touch an iPad. BTW you can get a cheezy Windows 10 tablet with keyboard for $87 at wallyworldmart.

Newegg was selling refurbed iPad 3 with 32GB and 4G Lte capability for $184. That’s worth having.

The iPad 2 is totally outdated and will be obsoleted by Apple soon. And 16GB is too limiting.

We still have an iPad 2 that we bought when my 10 yr old daughter was 4. She still uses it almost daily (ok, daily) and plays most everything she wants. We have run into a few apps that won’t update or we can’t download but the other 100 apps on there work just fine. It’s a 64g and is nearly maxed out. She uses it mostly for YouTube, minecraft and random crap games when we go on road trips. I would not buy one now, but I have to say this thing has been a beast! It has survived 4 round road trips between Oregon and Utah, 6 round trip flights, more local road trips than I can count and daily random use by a kid. The edges are dented, one corner is cracked slightly but it still works great and holds a charge.

My question is… I’m looking at buying her a new iPad for her 10th birthday, probably a mini, and I was wondering if they are still workhorses or if they are just not going to last like this one did. Also, are the “air” ones better made, or should I go with the one just before the “air” models came out? I’m the type of person that keeps tech until I have to replace it and don’t update just because the newest thing comes out. Honestly, if I didn’t already have an embarrassing amount of money invested in the iPad apps etc. already I would just go with an android tablet, but I don’t want to just throw that money away.

In your case I would get the 9.7 inch ipad. It will be the best upgrade from her current model.

The iPad Pro is too much money & hardware for a 10 yr old. The specs, including the processor, on the iPad minis are too old(still the same from 2015).

Get her the new one from the educational pricing page at (since she’s in school) -or- from the refurb page at if there are some available.