Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Only (Your Choice)

OK I am not an Apple guru so I am wondering what is the version this iPad is using and what is the highest version it can be updated too… Woot support can you please elaborate. Thanks

Sorry, I read iPad Air 2, my previous comment was not correct. I deleted it.

iPad 2 was end-of-lifed and has not been receiving iOS updates past iOS 9. I have a bunch of them I administrate at work (a school) and their performance definitely shows its age. Also, the lack of a Retina display is immediately evident in all things this model does.

Thank you for your input… in that case it seems that these will not work in the role I needed it for. Guess I need to start looking for a more recent model. Thanks again for saving me from a problem

Just say NO to the iPad 2. It should never have been sold as long as it was without a RAM upgrade.

From what I’ve read in the news, these will not be supported by the new upcoming iOS 11 (?) update, which will initiate a new format (?) to all apps and games…meaning that if you have apps and games on your iPad 2, you do not want to even try to update them and any that you don’t already own won’t work.

[Sorry for the very non-technical nature of this post…the news of the new update was in the news this past week…google “apple update won’t work on iPhone 5c” and it should find the relevant info…the same update will be cutting off the apps from the iPad 2].

Worst deal ever?

STOP SELLING THESE FOR SO MUCH, WOOT!! I am serious! This is NO where near worth $160! It is 6 years old! I have one. It runs like molasses anymore! It hasn’t been able to get updates in a VERY long time! It just is NOT worth $50, honestly. I want a new one, but the wife won’t let me get one. This iPad 2 just SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS! DON’T BUY IT, PEOPLE!!!

Having been in PC/Android world for ever, I recently bought this iPad 2 from Woot. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It arrived in great condition…can’t tell what/how it’s been refurbished. That said, my only anticipated use is/will be reading ebooks from library & doing FaceTime with my elderly friends who can’t figure out how to put Skype on their Apple devices. So far, it’s worked great for that. I’ll always use PC for other computer activities, so I guess I don’t care that the OS can’t be updated or apps supported. Certainly wouldn’t have objected to a lower price, but compared to a new one…yikes.

Obsolete product with a 200% brand premium over actual worth, and iOS 11 will make it a total orphan. Pass.

You can buy an iPad 3 for less on eBay. I bought a 3 for $119 over a year ago. Asking $160 plus tax and shipping for this second gen iPad takes a lot of nerve. Congrats woot!

Disclaimer: This post won’t give anyone an ounce of input on this product.

I’ve been a Wooter for over 10 years now. In that time, I have seen Woot evolve from a site that offered great discounts on well known brands, to another e-commerce company that sells overstock, an cheap made-in-China brands.

I used to wait until midnight sometimes to see what Woot would come up with that night. Nowadays, I come here 3-4 x week. it is rare to come to Woot and find a bargain. More often than not, you can find the same product on Amazon, or other suppliers for equal or less price.

What happened to you Woot?!

Very soon not worth using and not worth selling.

Yeah, I have one and soon any new apps won’t run on it. I do have a ton of cords, though.

The iPad2 and my old, old Touch are some of the last models Jobs had full insane control over. Kinda like my Tandy Portable 100 with an OS by young Bill Gates.

Amazon purchased Woot several years ago. The founders have since moved on I believe.

I made the mistake of buying (not from Woot) a first gen iPad, thinking I’d still be able to do stuff with it. Not without a modern iOS I won’t, and it won’t run one.

The second gen will be virtual bricks soon, too. WTH is this, Woot?

No, No, No. I have one and it is HORRIBLY slow!!! It is sooooooo outdated.