Apple iPad 2 Tablet 32GB, 3G 2nd Gen.

I have seen that in “flash deals” all the new listing of iPads allotted quantity gets sold in few seconds. Which is really suspicious.

It can not happen until the insiders do the purchasing.

Because it can’t be sold out in a flash of some seconds.

Moreover,that “flash deals” page is also designed intentionally NoT TO SHOW all contents in one page. You have to open dialog box and choose the category “computers” then it shows the hidden iPad soldout deals.

I request woot admin to look into this. It sounds like insiders scam.

Why I am saying this because I am continuously watching this “flash deals” page …refreshing it every minute to grab iPad deals but many times it’s hidden and not showing on page…it will show only when you filter out “computers” section from dialog box …but all are always showing “sold out”…damn…it’s a scam

The Flash Deals usually only have 1 or 2 for sale. They’re going to sell out very fast.

There was 1 for this one.

Anybody upset about missing this “deal” obviously doesn’t know that these sell for much less on Ebay.