Apple iPad (2018, Current Gen) Wi-Fi Tablets

Recently seen new for $310. This is $25 cheaper for a refurb without the original equipment or the one year warranty included on one from Apple? Which also sells a refurb that is only $240 with the warranty, new equipment and new outer casing?

I thought this was a deal site. Hard pass.

I recently bought 2, yes 2, iPad Airs 128 GB for $299 each from Amazon. Both refurbished with Apple 1 year warranty. This Woot deal is not a deal at all. Check out Amazon for a far better deal.

$240 on Apple is the 2017 model, A9 processor and no Apple pencil support. That being said a new 2018 one at Apple is $330 and i would expect you can buy a new one on black friday for this price or less

Just wondering… Does Apple have Black Friday deals?

Brand new for $350 at walmart

[VMod edit: cleaned up the URL. It goes to the 2017 model, not 2018.]

Made me snort my coffee!!

BJ’s selling a brand new A10 Fusion processor 128 GB
in Space Grey for $379"--128gb---space-gray/3000000000001248263

If you are a Costco member, the 128GB current gen version is $399.99 new (with Costco’s wonderful/fantastic return policies).

Microcenter often has Apple products for less. New iPads currently start at $299.

2 weeks ago, I bought a brand new, 12.9" iPad Pro, latest gen, at Microcenter for $599. that sale is over, but at the time it was about $200 less than most places, and less than used or refurbished models.