Apple iPad (2nd Gen) 9" 16GB w/Case (S&D)

Question, who refurbished this product?
Thanks, Sandy

3rd party


Genuinely curious, people who are buying these, what are you using them for? I’m not trying to knock you, for this price I’m sure there is some value, but for as outdated as these are (low screen resolution, slow processor, low RAM, old iOS version and thus unpatched security holes), I’m just curious. Are you keeping very young kids entertained with them, or actually trying to use them yourselves? I’d love to hear specific examples.

I’m considering getting them for my 5 and 6 year old grandkids.

I still use an iPad original as an email reader, and it’s an OK video player if you roll your own MP4 transfers of CDs using Handbrake. The iP2 also brings FaceTime to the mix. Definitely on borrowed time with the battery, however.

I was hoping to have a netflix or Prime viewer a bit bigger than my Kindle, and use it for surfing the web. no gaming, and I’m not real particular about screen resolution… also, no smart phone to use for those things. how long might battery life be?wouldn’t a refurb include new battery?

You sound somewhat condescending.
Why would you seek negative attention like this on a site that sells old refurb stuff that is advertised as old? Is it to make yourself feel superior to someone that can’t afford the newest and best products? If so why are you lurking here? Just to make yourself feel good i guess. These are just fine for in network task or for reading email unless you are Hillery then it might have too much security. I suppose we both need to Get a life…

Not to be stupid… but does refurb not include battery?

We make sure to test the battery and if it’s not up to par, we replace them.

I am looking for something I can send my parents to use FaceTime @ their home wifi.
I figure I can set it up and send to them. Then they can chat with grandkids.
Trying to walk them through hangouts or even setting up FaceTime on the mac appears to be too much. I don’t know why they loose the FaceTime setting in the Mac.


It only maxes at ios 9.3 which does not allow Netflix or Hulu or ANY APP. I try to watch Netflix on Safari (A horrible browser to boot) and it points me to the APP. Can’t install because it needs 10.0 ios. Same with Hulu.

It is near useless. Unless someone knows works around.

This is the second item I bought that was horrific, I just got jacked by WOOT twice. Guess I am done with this place for a long while. I’ll ditch WOOT and stick with MEH and WISH for now.

I have an old iCade (arcade-type cabinet with bluetooth controller) that I found in a thrift store. I’m thinking about loading MAME on an older jailbroken iPad. I’m not quite sold on spending $70 on the project, but ask me again in a couple hours.

The timestamp on this post is quite old, (today is the 4th of Oct), and my reply is immaterial, so I should ignore and walk away. However, I felt compelled to comment on what I see as an attack on the original poster. :frowning: I see nothing condescending in djp519’s post. I think the questions brought up are valid, as I have the same questions. I have a mother that uses an iPhone, however she is technologically challenged, God love her. :slight_smile: I think she might enjoy an iPad, even an older one. Granted this one is outdated and has serious limitations IMHO, however answers to those types of questions could help me decide if it’s worth looking into further.
My gratitude goes out to those that replied in a useful way to djp519’s post! :slight_smile:

Best friend’s computer uncomfortable wife has shown a recent interest in a touch screen pad so worth $75 as an introduction. They can upgrade if she falls in love with it and will have a foundation in the ipad world.

I use mine for pocket timer pro, a very useful race timing software package that is good for timing a 5K or 10K or half marathon with ~250 or less runners.

Have you tried Chrome?


Chrome, Safari, 3-4 random weird browsers and even Edge… which got me the closest, it actually was trying to install silverlight and/or work with HTML5.

My own fault for believing the “too good to be true” thing. 60 bones for a Apple product and a killer cover case? Something was rotten in denmark and it wasn’t my ex-girlfriends underoos.

“We”? I thought they were 3rd party refurbished…