Apple iPad (2nd Gen) 9.7" with Wi-Fi (S&D)

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Apple iPad (2nd Gen) 9.7" with Wi-Fi (S&D)
Price: $89.99 - 129.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 02 to Tuesday, Apr 03) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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How much has the processor in one of these evolved since 2nd Gen? I mean, even if I knew the exact spec, it wouldn’t mean anything to me. Can I run Garageband on this thing? What about other memory intensive apps? Would I have to load an older version of an app to get it to work?


iPad 2 was released in 2011. It’s processing power is about 7-10% of 2nd gen iPad Pro. Antutu score of 17k

Ipads are over sized phones that you can’t callout on, that pretty much sums it up, would you play garage band on your phone effectively?

I have the “New iPad” Hahahahahahaha
A.K.A. the iPad 3
Yeah, not much to brag about but whatever

The reason I mention this is because it still works FLAWLESSLY… not sure how an iPad 2 would work but mine works fine.

I have this model. Got it new in 2011. It is so slow that it’s nearly impossible to use. For this money, if you really wanted a tablet, I’d suggest a kindle fire HD. Though smaller, its much more satisfying to use because the iPad 2 is sooooo laggy.

Who said Woot wasn’t doing April Fools jokes?

Beyond it being slow. This iPad will not get any additional OS updates. It’s last OS update was from OS 9 in 2016. There will be apps on the Apple App Store. There are ways around it, but you could have issues.

A scratched/dented seven year old device with no power cord that can’t get OS updates anymore and can’t run most new apps? $90-$130 is how much Woot pays me to take one, right?

I wouldn’t even recommend an iPad 3 (I have one and it’s still great) but for $130-ish I say go for a used/refurb iPad Mini 2 or iPad Air 1st gen.

The only person that would buy one of these is someone that didn’t know any better. It’s way too outdated. Buy a Kindle Fire instead.