Apple iPad (5th Gen) 128GB WiFi Tablet

Apple iPad (5th Gen) 128GB WiFi Tablet

I just checked and this model came out in March of 2017 and sold for $429.

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I have an iPad Gen 2, and it doesn’t update beyond ios10, so since many of my apps have upgraded beyond that, I am unable to open Facebook and others I have been using for years. Specs say this is ios10. Will this update to ios11 or beyond?

Good morning. This will update to iOS 13.5:


I had same question…according to Apple it is:

And supports through iOS 13:

Will this model support the apple pencil?

Doesn’t look like it:

Is it truly refurbished (new battery, any damaged screen replaced so there are no scratches) or just factory reset that any normal person could do?

They are tested to ensure they are working properly. If anything needs replacing it is replaced.

Sorry but this is not a very good deal, I can buy the latest version (7th generation) at 250$, its 32GB yeah I know that, but is more future proof and has better screen