Apple iPad 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G (Gen 1)

64 GB is the one to get I have the 32 GB and it isn’t enough!

If woot took Amazon credit, I’d buy this… Why doesn’t Woot take Amazon credit?

Can get a loaded Tegra 2 Android tablet for $279=$350, don’t see the attraction.

$529 new at … just search for iPad. "No refunds or exchanges permitted on iPad® purchased at promotional pricing. Limited time offer, while supplies last. No Service Commitment. Min. $14.99/mo. data plan required. Monthly data plans automatically renew every 30 days unless cancelled. "

To “unlock” - search google for “dev team”.

Previous Woot March 8, 2011 16GB version on Sellout.woot

I don’t know what to say. This is the maxed-out version of the first-gen iPad, at half the price of what it was when I got my iPad. And unless you NEED the little cameras on the iPad 2, I’d say go for it.

This is $659 through Apple.

I have a better version of this…it’s called an Iphone,fits in my pocket,and is only $49 now.

Does anyone know if this requires a data plan since it is 3G ready? Could I just use the wifi and not get charged for internet?


The really funny part about the write-up? The iPad doesn’t actually come with a calculator app. So sure, you can watch movies, play games… but you can’t add!

Bet you wish you were solar powered too, don’t you, mister high and mighty iPad!

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.

No plan required to use it on wifi, but the 3G is locked to AT&T.

Correct. As long as you never sign up for 3G service (in the settings menu) you can use wi-fi for free wherever you can get free wi-fi. If you turn on the 3G, it’s $20 a month, cancel anytime. (great for road trips!)

yes you do not need to have a data plan to use the wifi.

buying an ipad (gen 1) and not the Ipad 2 is like buying a model T instead of a porsche.

Actually, it does come with a calculator app. Not a very good one, but it does come with it.

To those wondering about the data plans, yes, you need one. AT&T offers two, with caps of 200MB and 2GB, and I believe pricing is $14.99/mo and $24.99/mo, respectively.

Please don’t buy this people. I have an iTouch and love it. This is simply a larger version of that device. It may be a little faster, better graphics, nicer screen etc. but honestly it can’t do much or really anything my ipod can’t. Plus its such an odd size that its hard to carry with you comfortably anywhere. Just use a laptop instead if you want a larger screen. I’d wait for more developments with tablet technology before buying on.

Don’t get me wrong, its cool, it just doesn’t help me perform a task easier. Unless you count playing Angry Birds.

Correct – you don’t need to activate the 3G if you just want to use via wi-fi. And if you DO activate it, it’s only a month at a time.