Apple iPad 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G (Gen 1)

Is this authorized for Square Trade warranty? I put in for a quote and got the message “Not Available for Refurb i-Pad”

I have an iTouch as well. Too small, painfully slow, just useless. My iPad I use constantly. I wouldn’t buy a Woot refurb though. BTW, you can order the AT&T one, and the order will go through. But you’ll be calling India a month later asking where it is (on backorder to perpetuity).

No need to pay for data plan - I use mine as needed . You can pay by the month for data available for a month . Two plans with different data amounts . I love the option !

No, and yes. But it will stay on auto-renewal unless you contact them to cancel.

You get GPS on this model regardless of whether it’s tethered to anything or not. Or whether or not the data plan is turned on.

Once again, wrong unit. For Wifi only 64GB it’s $529, with 3G available its $659.

Yes it is too much to ask.Do you normally spend 600 bucks without reading the product info?

Haha, yeah. That is an accurate description. I have a iPad1 and my boss let me use his iPad2 for two weeks and now I’m back to the iPad1. Here is what I noticed immediately: The transition effects in apps (the “flipping” of the page, etc.) are a little bit snappier. When you have 9 pages open in Safari, it doesn’t always reload the pages when you go back and forth between them.
And now when I’m back to my iPad one for a couple days, the differences don’t seem that big.

The cameras didn’t make a difference for me. I know it’s what “everyone” was clamoring for, but I hardly FaceTime and have an iPhone4 for that when I do. I could never get the hang of iMovie on the iPad. Even on my iPhone4 I don’t really use it because a) it’s only really good for video you shot with the device and b) I mostly just upload the clips I take, not really needing to edit them all together.

I’m in for 1. I have the 16GB model and I had to remove a bunch of my apps to make room for my son’s Curious George videos when we went on a trip a couple weeks ago. It would be nice if they could co-exist.

You don’t sign a contract with AT&T though. Very flexible.

I agree. I have an iPod Touch as well, the big deal about the iPad is the form factor. In my opinion, unless you’ve actually used one for a while, you don’t realize how great a “big-screen iPod Touch” really is!

Anyone know if this will come with an original iPad box like you get when you buy from store?

10+ hours of battery life on a larger screen is a great thing on long flights. In my book that means it does alot better than the ipod touch.

Who cares as long as there are free apps for just about anything?

64GB wifi + 3G vs. 16GB wifi only.
There’s the data needed to answer your own [stup!d effing] question.

Or am I the stupid one for not assuming your post is just spam for another offer?

Amagedon, Well I haven’t tried it as I don’t have an IPad, just an Iphone4, but I watched a video on UTube, that shows how to use the sim in your IPhone to activate the IPad, without purchasing a data plan from ATT, so basically, you use the same data plan for both. If you don’t have a data plan or an IPhone, well guess you are up a creek…

And as far as it being a lesser IPhone, well I’m 60 so things are not as clear as they used to be if you get my drift, all that scrolling and expanding and contracting of the screen, and only seeing part of the whole picture is a bit of a pain in the bum…matter of fact came down to the good ol 26" flatscreen desktop to post this…ah to be young again lol.

The iPad does not require the 3G plan to use its internal, free WiFi. I like using the AT&T 3G plan only when I am traveling on vacations, as the plan is easy to start and stop on a monthly basis as needed. Otherwise I cancel the plan and just use WiFi.

Am I able to buy a warranty type plan of some sort through Apple even though it is refurbished?

Does anyone have experience with these out of the US? Will this work outside of the US (Romania) with wifi? What about a 3B plan outside of the US — can you buy the ipad here and get Orange or another non-US service plan? Thanks.

An Apple refurb comes with:

  • new battery
  • new shell
  • all accessories
  • new box

If all this applies to this woot! as well, then why does it only have 90 days warranty, instead of the 1 year you’ll get from Apple?

Yup, it’s all done in the settings menu. Don’t even have to talk to a human.