Apple iPad 64GB with Wi-Fi & 3G

seems like a good price for 64GB and 3G.

it’s a first version

Thia is where that remote accessory comes in hand.

Woot is making it very, very hard this round. They must have saved up the good Woot’s for half a year!


wow, amazing price I think!

gonna be a lot of hate here but I still use mine and the wife and kid love it. This seems like a great price.

Is this PC compatible?

Somebody buy these. Let’s get on to the next item! Don’t own any apple products/software. Never will. Utter crap.

same exact thing for $50 less :confused:

So 3G and GSM that would mean you would need an AT&T data plan right?

Woah - Only 1. At least its keeping this wootoff going


Gah, i need to work tomorrow… Where’s the thing i need to have that i don’t know i need yet???

I beg to differ

This is a great price!

$629 from Apple

I wonder if this would find its way into a BoC… eh… I’m still waiting for it.

Hope he was not wanting to keep the state he lives in a secret o.o

my apologies, that link was for wi-fi version only