Apple iPad Air 2 64GB LTE Tablet (S&D)

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Apple iPad Air 2 64GB LTE Tablet (S&D)
Price: $259.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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2/15/2018 - $269.99

This iPad is 4 years old… Not worth it Imo

If you have kids, these are perfect for placing on the back of a headrest.

Just buy one of those baby mirrors that strap to the head rest, slip the mirror out, and slide in the iPad which is about the same size.

Best Buy has the newer 2017 iPad on sale for $250 - brand new, though only 32GB.

Is that just WiFi or cellular, too?

WiFi only.
And 100 more for the 128GB.

I have an iPad air2 & love it! However, mine is Wi-Fi only.
Never owned a tablet or phone that wasn’t purchased through my cellular plan - is this ready to use for at&t?
Is it unlocked?
Do I just need to get a SIM card from my carrier?
Do you usually get a SIM card when you add another device to your plan?

Any & all help would be greatly appreciated.

Unlocked - yes
AT&T - It will work with any US LTE carrier - AT&T included.
SIM Card - usually free from your carrier if you are adding it to your account. $10 at the most.

Keep in mind there will be a monthly charge to have this device on your account and probably an activation fee. May be worth it if you use it on cellular data a lot. Otherwise you may just want to activate your phones hotspot feature when you want to use it and lack a wifi signal.

I have this same iPad, bought it 4 yrs ago. At first I added it to my AT&T acct, it was $10/month and I think $36 to activate. Later on I took it off and just used my phone’s hot spot instead of paying every month.

The 64GB is a nice size, but because of the age, this model is now feeling very slow and outdated. I’m looking to upgrade sometime soon.

Very good deal has 2gb ram memory unlike iPad air which has 1gb memory. Updating the firmware made my air2 faster.I’m on T-Mobile one unlimited data $20/ month.

I’m on AT&T. Could you please tell me how you use your phone’s “hotspot”? We have an unlimited data plan & I have a 5s model.

How do update your firmware?

I paid with Amazon Prime and you still
charge me with shipping charges.

Hi there. You have to log in with Amazon. Just doing Pay with Amazon doesn’t work.

Easiest way to make sure you’re logged in with Amazon is to sign out of Woot and then sign in by clicking Login with Amazon.

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The base AT&T unlimited plans don’t allow the hotspot. The iPhone checks with the carrier.

The mobile share plans and the unlimited plus plans do

One disadvantage of some (maybe all) unlimited data plans is that they don’t allow you to hotspot. On my I-phone the option simply disappeared from the menu when I changed to an unlimited plan, then returned later under >cellular; but it just says ‘contact us’ when you click it.

The Verizon “Go Unlimited” plan does include the ability to use the personal hotspot, but limits bandwidth to 2G speeds. There is a “Beyond Unlimited” plan that lets you use 4G speeds up to something like 22 GB/mo then throttles.

(Not a Verizon employee, but recently switched my phone plan and had to wade through the muck)

My wife has an ATT GoPhone (prepaid) plan with unlimited everything and it includes the built-in hotspot feature and she only pays $45 a month, which is like less than half of what she was paying when her same iPhone 6s was on a regular ATT plan,

I am still not sure how to apply/buy with Amazon Prime. Help please.