Apple iPad Air 2 64GB LTE Tablet (S&D)

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Apple iPad Air 2 64GB LTE Tablet (S&D)
Price: $259.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Apr 30 to Thursday, May 03) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I was thinking about this … but …

  1. Are there any scratches on the SCREEN or are they only on the back? (If they’re on the back, who cares? If they’re on the screen, that makes it less usable.)

  2. Two people reported on a previous sale that they received stolen iPads - - can someone from Woot please explain what happened and what steps you have taken to prevent this in the future? Obviously, receiving stolen goods from Woot is woefully unacceptable.

(I don’t work for woot, but…)
Woot has always had the ability to make-right major SANFU’s via refund and it is even better now that they are owned by Amazon. They don’t make up for your ‘loss of the deal’ in any meaningful way, nor loss of time, hassle, inconvenience, etc. If the crap you buy from Woot turns out to be crap, you lose out on the deal.
Unfortunately, Woot deal often seem to be brokered offerings for someone else, and Woot doesn’t handle/validate every product.
Also FWIW, I have encountered fraud involving purchase of a new product directly from Amazon - I won’t go into details. Free return/credit was the fix there as well.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you!

I have been looking for an ipad but am in no rush. Any feedback on this?

The same model refurbished is $379 direct from Apple. The current generation (non-Pro) iPad with LTE starts at $459 new and last year’s is $329 refurb, so the price isn’t half bad.

The Air 2 was originally introduced in 2014, but the processor is only a generation and a half* behind current. If history is any indicator, it should be good for at least one and possibly two or three annual iOS updates to come. It’s going to be slower than the current iPad for recent games, and it doesn’t support the Apple Pencil, but it’s still quite usable.

My 4th gen ipad no longer updates. Does this one accept the newest, or how recent?

I have the same question about the screen. If the screen is fine, this is a great deal. If the screen could be damaged, that’s another story.

It sure does. I have one and it’s actually running the latest beta version of iOS (11.4).

Just got the one I ordered - super fast shipping! Sadly, the unit itself is essentially garbage. Heavily scratched up screen and back, clearly the previous owner was very careless. My old first-generation iPad is pristine in comparison. I didn’t even bother turning it on, it’s going right back. I’d say this is no deal at all.

Wow… no ya got me nervous. Mine is due tomorrow or Thursday. Return is an option, but if crappy, it will indicate that Woot is no longer to be trusted… Let’s hope yours was the exception, otherwise… byebye Woot.

I got mine today. It has two minor scratches on the back. All of the corners are fine. The screen is perfect and it looks new from the front.

Also received mine this week, no scratches, looks perfect and my AT&T SIM card from previous tablet plugged in and worked fine. YMMV…