Apple iPad Air 2 64GB LTE Tablet (S&D)

Who does the refurb on these. Does it have a new battery?

WTF! (Well that’s fantastic!)

LOL! (Lots of Love!)

Can this one use the pencil?

Apple website doesn’t make any mention of Apple pencil support on this model.

3rd party refurbished. The battery is checked and replaced if needed.


Mid-size screen (9.7 inches). Lightning port. Touch ID fingerprint sensor on Home button. Available in silver, gold or Space Grey (black). Retina display. Introduced October 2014.

hAS anyone else purchased a refurbished Apple product from WOOT before? If so, were you pleased?
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what LTE vendors / plans are available for this?

I got one of these the last time they came up. Mine had some minor scratches on the back but the screen was perfect and none of the corners were damaged. It looks new from the front. The battery works like new but I don’t know if was replaced.

I got one of these for my son last time and it has worked flawlessly. He abuses the crap out of it, it’s withstood it without any issues.

I have an iPad Air 2 that I bought in 2014 and passed it onto my daughter. It’s still working great. I only wish it wasn’t the 16GB one.
If the S&D means it doesn’t have too much physical damage, this is a solid deal.

I ordered one of these refurbished iPad Air 2’s from Woot about a month ago. It had some visible nicks on the case and light scratching on the screen. I had planned to give it to my wife as a gift but it looked too used to give as a gift IMO. So I have just used it and it works great. Just be aware that it may look slightly used when you get it.

new to iPad’s- you can use with AT&T hotspot wifi right? or home wifi of course. I can watch movies and play games I assume? Basically like a big phone…?

don’t understand the “locked” vs “unlocked” and if I need to worry about that with this?

I have a case for an iPad Pro- 9.7 inch- will this fit the case?

Per the specs:

4G & LTE Compatible with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T‑Mobile, GigSky
SIM Card NOT Included

I bought one of these last time (about a month ago) and I loooove it. Barely a scratch on mine and it works beautifully. Plus it’s so lightweight, it’s perfect for throwing into a bag and taking on a trip. Great deal. If we needed another, I would be buying again.

I purchased a slick 11" Macbook refurb back in Nov/Dec - the power supply was dead, but the Macbook itself was totally fine and was practically new. I called the company that was handling warranty support, and they were willing to replace the charger, but I never got around to completing my portion of that transaction. Since the thing doesn’t require a special charger (it charges using USB-C which you can plug in just about anywhere), I just never bothered. I do not regret the purchase.

Yes, an iPad is a lot like a big iphone. And yes, you should be fine with a WiFi hotspot if that’s how you want to connect, however…

it’s ‘unlocked’ in that it will work on all of the major US cellular carrier regardless of what networking technology they use. So it’s not “carrier locked”. It’s like a phone in that you can put a SIM directly in the device and get Internet access that way instead of using a cellular wifi hotspot, if you want.

(as a side note - the other kind of “locked vs unlocked” that people talk about refers to whether or not the bootloader (embedded software that gets the hardware talking to the user-level operating system) is open for editing. If it is, then you can install custom versions of the user-level OS. This is something you sometimes see in Android devices, but because Apple wants strict control over users’ experience in that regard, iOS devices have always had (and probably always will have) “Locked bootloaders”.