Apple iPad Air 2 Tablets (Scratch & Dent)

Apple iPad Air 2 Tablets (Scratch & Dent)

The big question. Can ios 12 run all current apps?

fyi, apple pencil compatibility starts with ipad air 3. so you can’t use apple pencil with these ipad air 2’s.

Probably not, but the iPad Air 2 is compatible with iPadOS 14 (the one being released today) so you should be covered there. I don’t expect that the Air 2s will get next year’s update, but this is a decent price for the tablet. If possible, I’d recommend getting the 128GB version, though. The 16 or 32GB versions will leave you hurting for storage space very quickly.


The specs don’t list the model number?

Not worth the money… I’d rather buy brand new. In which I did. I don’t trust the scratch and dent and refurbished stuff here. Just my opinion… I just got an iPad Air 3rd generation at Best Buy cheaper than at Apple. Great tablet. As good as my Samsung Galaxy Tab 5se, maybe even better.

Agreed, why buy such an old refurbished version when there are better ones out there.

Nah. This is a 5 year old model of device, and iOS 14 may be the last release of iOS you get on them. If you have the money for this, save a little bit more and just get the 8th generation iPad coming out in a few weeks that was just announced.

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