Apple iPad Air 2 Tablets w/1Yr Warranty

Apple iPad Air 2 Tablets w/1Yr Warranty

I love the Air 2, but 270 for only 64GB is way too much given we are a week away from Black Friday.

Why anyone wants to buy a tablet that the moment you go to use any application or surf the net, it gives an error message saying: “This program can not run under your old OS. Upgrade to newer OS”, when Apple has made it purposely, impossible to upgrade its old rusty OS to any new one that might give a chance of use in todays life…
Do NOT buy any iPad, older than iPad-Air2. Period and you’ll thank me, if new what could happen to your money.

[MOD: The iPad Air 2 can update to iOS 12 per Apple]

Why on earth anyone would buy this when you can buy the 6th gen 32GB at three major retail outlets for $250 in a week is beyond me…or buy for the everyday sale price at Micro Center for $300. I guess this is why I haven’t bought anything from woot since Amazon took it over. Make it $100 cheaper and then it might be a deal.

Could have nought that super slick MacBook pro 15" a few months back for $1100. That’s was a smoking deal but yep most deals blow these days.

Amazon has this cheaper right now too…

Thanks for the info…
I’m not an "apple " person, but the girlfriend is and has a really old one.
I saw this, thought about upgrading for her, but now I know better.
So good to have this info.
Thanks again.

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Deal value aside, I’m still running a gen 1 Air believe it or not, on the latest 12.1 iOS., and I’ve never had those problems.

Have you upgraded iOS in the last few years?

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As far as I know, there is a single, important, reason to get the Air 2 over the newer 5th/6th gen: The display is better.

The 5th and 6th generation iPads use a non-laminated screen to cut costs and the Air 2 (as well as any Pro models) use a laminated screen. This makes it look more life-like, feels better when tapping (non-laminated feels hollow), better antireflective coatings, and I believe can get brighter, too.

I’d prefer a better screen over a faster processor.

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The iPad Air 2 can upgrade to iOS 12 per Apple.

Scroll to the end of the page:

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