Apple iPad Air 3 (2019) 10.5" Tablets

Apple iPad Air 3 (2019) 10.5" Tablets

$409 64GB model here is $499 new from Apple with Apple warranty and no question about what you’ll actually get. This isn’t a great deal.

The one Woot is selling is the cellular model. Which Apple is charging $629 for. So your getting around a 35% discount for buying a refurb.

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Who refurbishes these?

Hello. These are refurbished by one of our trusted vendors.

Unfortunately for me, I had to return mine because Woot sent me an “ACTIVATION LOCKED” device! so, Buyers Beware! :angry:

Yeah expect to either drop $40 on a new charger or $15 per new third party charger every 2-4 months cause the ipads don’t pair well with third party ones and won’t hold their charge

are these WI FI and CELLULAR or WIFI only ? 64 GB and 256 Gb

This is correct These are WiFi-cellular and min is 256GB. Even with the tax I had to pay in my state the cost of the one I just bought (cellular-WiFi 256GB) was about $550. Apple cost would be $779 plus tax. Do the math, a new one would have cost me $300 more.

As for what you will get, I have purchased many refurbed items here and on other sites, for example two Dell laptop computers from Woot. Both were flawless and had added features because they were either order and not sold or buyers remorse items.

Over the years I have purchased several iPhones, two iPad minis, an Apple Watch, and my current Apple Air 2 that I’m typing on right now from Woot and another company that sells apple refurbs. This on Air 2 for example still had the original factory packaging as did a couple of the others.

Never had a problem or needed a return but I know as a Prime Member, I can do so.

Once you leave the apple store any item you return will not be resold as new, it may be sold by apple as refurbished but most of the time it is sold by a third party. The “refurbishing in many cases is simply to inspect the item.

I have a computer program that reads the data on an apple product and will report on-off cycles and battery % as compared to original. In every case the cycle count has been low and battery health at 100%.

I’m hoping this one will be the same.

BTW, I am not an employee of Amazon, Woot or Apple but I wanted to set the record straight.