Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi + 4G LTE (First Generation)

As these are Apple refurbs with a 1 year Apple warranty are they eligible for AppleCare Plus?

Yes, they are.

Will they connect to Verizon 4G LTE?

We can’t confirm every carrier. The specs have carrier info. You can check with Verizon with that info.


I have one that I use with Verizon LTE (the one I just bought is to replace my wife’s iPad 4).

Will this work with my Mac? :wink:

I went into the Apple Store today to buy AppleCare+ and was told this was not eligible as the original sale date showed 7/22/2015 and that’s what Apple uses as the original sale date and not the date Woot sold it.

Very disappointed.

Register your product on the Apple site. That should reset your purchase date to your date. Many manufacturers set the default date to the date sold to the vendor or refurbishing company.

Start here
If that doesn’t work, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Okay, not only is it not eligible for AppleCare+ because the original sales date is in July, it’s also not eligible because Woot is not a certified Apple reseller.

We have numerous Apple factory reconditioned items before. We get them from an Apple certified refurbishing company. We’ve never heard complaints about Applecare before. You might try online or a different store.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal, I’m just saying to go ahead and get the Squaretrade warranty instead to save time.