Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi + 4G LTE (First Generation)

So how does this work with setting it up with a simple card? Do I just go to Verizon? I have a MiFi…I don’t want to get another account, can I just use the data I am already paying for?

That would definitely be a question for your carrier. A lot of times, not all but many, the SIM card you get in personal hotspot (like your MiFi) or a Tablet is not coded the same way other SIM cards are. However, Verizon should be able to tell you for sure if the SIM from your device would work in a tablet. Also, it would be good to know that this iPad takes a “Nano-SIM”, which may or may not be smaller than the SIM you already have in your other device.

Does this come with cellular capabilities? I understand that it doesn’t have a SIM card.

Yes. 4G LTE means that it has cellular capabilities. You will need to supply the data plan with your carrier.