Apple iPad Mini (3rd Gen) 7.9" Tab w/Case

Apple iPad Mini (3rd Gen) 7.9" Tab w/Case

Happy to have snagged a 6th gen iPad 9.7 (latest version and Apple pencil compatible) for $229 on Black Friday… they were readily available for $249.

FYI, it is not hard to find the 6th gen discounted from the $329 MSRP. Staples currently has them at $289.

Tablets have finally reached maturity so the last couple generations should feel “snappy” for a longer time frame. Unfortunately, older tablets feel sluggish since they were still getting better (changing more) with each generation. Increasingly, apps will not be compatible with older operating systems. If you want to be happy with a tablet for several years, a better bet would be to spend a bit more for the latest two generations. $ per year of use, you’ll actually come out far ahead.

Who is “Always.Deals” anyway? (The warranty)

Our vendor who did the refurbishing.

I too got a 9.7" iPad on Black Friday. But having used a Mini for years, I find it too large. This Mini deal isn’t horrible if you want this form factor, which I prefer.