Apple iPad Mini (4th Gen) 7.9" Tablet

Apple iPad Mini (4th Gen) 7.9" Tablet

ok, i know this is a stupid question…wait, there are no stupid questions!! whew, i feel better now… here goes… if you have a non-apple computer, can you still transfer video’s from this to your youtube accts and have them be watchable? i have had people say that trying to watch android things on their i-phones does not work. i was wondering if this is a problem with computers/etc too. i’m old…be nice.

Yep. I just email them to myself or upload to youtube on the iPad.


If you use this iPad to record video and then upload it to the YouTube App you should have no issues. If you record with something else just email it to your self and use the YouTube App to upload and you should be fine.


I get excited every time I see this, this remember it’s only 16G. You need at least 64G on any Apple device.

Bring back the $50 8inch 32GB fire tablets, please. Absolute steal.

Seems like a deal. The next best thing is IPad mini 5 for $400

Doesn’t seem to be much different.

What IOS can this one go to?

Latest. IPad mini 1 is can’t update. But mini 2,3,4,5 can update to latest OS

Also, the Mini 4 will be compatible with iOS/iPadOS 13 this fall.

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The current Apple ipad 9.7 inch NEW, current generation is only $249 for 32GB (everywhere)… and I have NOT had luck with Amazon’s version of “reconditioned” - seems to mean the same as “used and resold”

Yea for +$50 you get current gen and larger size + double storage… Dont see much value in this sale.

I agree. And amazons tech support is brutal. Brand new echo won’t sync my calendar. Going on a month of tech support and 50 different people no luck.