Apple iPad Mini 4th Gen 7.9" WiFi Tablet

Apple iPad Mini 4th Gen 7.9" WiFi Tablet

Apple Store Refurbs on these iPad Mini 4’s (WiFi-only, 128G) are $309. [Mini 5’s base start at $399.] Is the $70 w00t! markup above Apple’s because there is an available stock? I.E., instead of seeking elsewhere on the refurb market (for these prior models to come available in order to snag a deal), the pricing here reflects current, in-stock availability & eliminating the need to check other retailers?

w00t!’s WiFi + Cellular pricing seems to be more consistent with this model’s— is that because Apple also has in stock (therefore pricing more competitive)?

Or, there’s been too much thought into the logic, and I should just purchase what I for myself perceive as value. :slight_smile: Leave it to me to take the fun out of!

Howdy. Prices our our best take on the market at the time the sale was launched. Prices change in the marketplace almost every day.

I’m asking about the price.

I appreciate your reply. ty!