Apple iPad Pro 2017 10.5" 4G LTE Tablet

Apple iPad Pro 2017 10.5" 4G LTE Tablet

This is a very nice tablet if you can handle the Rose color. My son has a non-Rose one without the LTE.

Note the currently sold $499 (64GB, without LTE) iPad Air is very similar to this model.

  • Identical dimensions
  • Both are 1st gen Apple Pencil capable
  • Air has the A12 cpu vs this A10X. Most folks will not “feel” the difference in everyday use.
  • this Pro has a much nicer camera and 4 speaker sound vs 2 speaker on the Air.

An aside - once you put the iPad in a good case, the color is usually hidden.

If Woot were selling an 128GB iPad Pro, I’d have been on this like Dirk Diggler. Artists need a tad more memory when traveling.