Apple iPad Pro (2017) 10.5" 64GB Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2017) 10.5" 64GB Tablets

Wow, Woot selling actual, official Apple Recertified devices, not scratch and dents!

FYI, Apple Recertified, unlike with most (virtually all?) other companies means it is virtually a new device, with a 1-year Apple warranty. You’re not likely to find any signs of use like scratches since Apple replaces anything with scratches/wear, even the battery.

Note, however, these devices are not eligible for Apple Care.

While this device was launched 2017, it remains the entry point into the current iPad Pro line, still being sold new for $649. (Can be found cheaper.)

We have one and it is an excellent device. We also have a regular iPad 9.7 6th gen.

However, unless you require the power or added Apple Pencil (optional accessory) sensitivity of this iPad Pro 10.5, the latest mainstream iPad 9.7 (6th gen, $329 new) is also Apple Pencil compatible, albeit, with slightly (and unnoticeable to most folks) lower Pencil sensitivity. The iPad 9.7 can regularly be found new for $249.

Typical justifications for the iPad Pro 10.5 vs iPad 9.7

  • Design/Artist/Drafting where that added Apple Pencil sensitivity is useful.
  • 10.5 inch vs 9.7 inch display. It doesn’t sound like much but is very noticable.
  • You need more power than the iPad 9.7 offers, albeit, not a huge factor.

Main differences between the next model up iPad Pro 11 ($799 new) and iPad Pro 10.5

  • Slight screen size bump and new style case with thinner bezel on 11.
  • A12X vs A10X processor.
  • Face ID vs Touch ID… and USB C vs Lightning connector.
  • New Apple Pencil (2nd gen, still optional accessory) and improved screen sensitivity to the Pencil.
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