Apple iPad Pro (2017) 10.5" Tablets (S&D)

Apple iPad Pro (2017) 10.5" Tablets (S&D)


Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.


I did finally get my iPad 2 days after it was supposed to arrive, and only today (3 days after it was to have arrived) finally got an email saying the item I had already received was just being shipped out. This is about the third time in as many weeks that something similar has happened. So, you may want to look into whatever system it is that kicks out the shipment notification emails, because they’re definitely not being sent in a timely fashion.

The iPad seems great so far…we’ll see how it goes.

Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. I passed it to our shipping department to look at. It can be a mix of the vendor not getting us tracking in a timely fashion to the shipper marking something delivered when it’s not. We see the latter pretty often.

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