Apple iPad Pro (2017) 12" 64GB 4G Tablet

Apple iPad Pro (2017) 12" 64GB 4G Tablet

Wow… you offered this identical item earlier this week for 579 dollars, and one day after that sale ended, you re-list it for 559 today.

You should refund the difference to anyone who bought this earlier in the week!

Edit: contacted customer service and they refunded the $20 difference. I suggest everyone who bought one earlier in the week do the same. Hopefully woot will just do this refund on their own for everyone that bought one (they should) but if they don’t, then contact customer service.

Looks like NewEgg has the 256 refurb model at a $529 so maybe not as good a deal as it sounds.

Flat out cheaper on amazon too $489

Everyone who purchased earlier this week is in process to get refunded the difference. It was requested yesterday, but CS wasn’t able to get it done it time. Sorry for the confusion.

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