Apple iPad Pro (2017) 12.9" 64GB Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2017) 12.9" 64GB Tablets

Not a bad deal, but not exactly a steal. Can get a decent used one on Gazelle for same price but 256GB

Agree. You’re paying a bit extra for “Apple Certified” and a one year Apple warranty. Now, while I’ve bought more expensive refurb items (PCs) with little or no warranty, it was something I could fix myself. That Apple Cert warranty is a big selling point for some folks :wink:

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I bought my respiffed iPad 12.9 pro directly from Apple nearly a year ago. Not one issue with the device other than the OS’s quirks. It came looking brand new out of the box. Not sure why they even sell with 64gb tho. Most users will need 128gb min to have enough breathing room to add apps to the pad. I splurged and got a 512gb model. Totally worth not having to worry about running out of room and being able to add all your digital media to it. One recommendation is buy a higher power USB power supply for it. The one it comes with can’t charge as fast as the battery will drain while using the pad. Still you will get 8 hours min on a full battery before needing to find a power source. Full screen brightness cuts that back a few hours so keep that in mind. This is where a better USB power source comes in handy. If you want a laptop like experience, get a bluetooth keyboard off Amazon with an adjustable tablet stand built in. Much cheaper than the Apple keyboard and gives more than one tilt position.

$679 on Apple, so definitely not a bad deal: