Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" 4G Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" 4G Tablets

Not even a 7% discount compared to a new one on Amazon. That is a pretty pathetic discount for a refurb.

I’m pretty sure your math is off.
(929-659)/929 = 28% Seems like a pretty good deal to me :man_shrugging:

I believe he is comparing it to the Wifi version which was $650 on Amazon two days ago and currently at $675 on Amazon.

Costco and Amazon were selling the wifi version this week for 650 new. If that interest anyone who doesn’t need the 4G and wants new. Costco may still have them but the Amazon price expired yesterday.

Does anyone know if this device is eligible for AppleCare?

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I am fairly certain that it is not. However, Woot has a 90 day warranty for this item.

Thats the only thing holding be back from getting one… even at woot pricing its too expensive for it break 6mo in and be left with no recourse…

i cant say Ive heard of many ipad pros “breaking 6 mo out”, but, I just find it odd being “refurbished” when still the newest versions…lets face it, apple quality just doesn’t break…got to be open box,and returns for other reasons…I paid just over $500 for a 12.9" space gray cellular second hand, only minor drawback is its 64 gb…other than that, it awesome, as i say, cant beat apple’s quality tech-- I still have a 1st gen ipad air, now being almost 8 years old, STILL works great, even with that ancient processor :wink:

Who is this refurbished by? I couldn’t find it anywhere in the description. It seems odd that these would be sold as refurbs at only one year old.


“Refurbished” doesn’t always mean something was wrong with the unit, just that someone returned it. Could be plenty of these units were just returned in Apple’s 14 day no-questions-asked window for many non-technical reasons. Someone decided they wanted more or less storage, that they wanted the larger or smaller screen, didn’t want a tablet at all, just wanted their money back.

There are pawn shop networks that sell Apple stuff they want to move out. People buy stuff they can’t afford, pawn it and then lose it. I saw and Apple laptop that still had a video on it of people smoking meth.

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I own the first 9.7" iPad Pro, with 128 GB of storage, and recently gave that to my wife. It worked great, but I was running out of space.

I upgraded to this current model with 512GB of space and LTE connectivity, and it’s a ton faster. 11" is still a good size. I don’t like the slightly bigger models personally, I have an actual high end PC laptop for that kind of computing, but this is great on the go.

Never had problems with an ipad, ever. The only apple products I own are the mobile devices like phone/tablet/watch, but I own an android tablet I use for an emulator machine, and am 100% PC’s at home.

Pretty good deal if you want LTE, which I think is huge, especially if you’re a project fi user. I use LTE on my tablet and watch often, I don’t even need to bring my phone to some places.

Way over priced. Look elsewhere.

If you ever have to worry about warranty just go to SquareTrade and get a warranty at any point. Pay monthly or all at once to cover everything. They either repair them or reimburse you for replacements through Apple. Great service and reliable.

What’s woot’s return policy? In the T&C it says it depends on the item but I couldn’t find anywhere on this item about return.

Does woot follow the same return policy as with Amazon?

god… plz stop with all this apple crap… its all garbage parts and tech. get exactly the same thing for half price with any other tablet… truly truly dont understand why people keep buying apple products. good marketing i guess lmao heres why its garbage

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This is not the newest. There is a 2019 model. Most 2018 models are being sold new and at a discount since 2018 model came out.

It’s the newest iPad Pro which was released in Nov ‘18. The newer iPads are the lower end ones.

Bought 2 mini 4s from woot for $150ea. Sold for $220 and $240 in couple of hours and there was an eBay fee promo.

Keep em coming.

They got hit with a class action for deceptive practices and settled without admitting wrongdoing. I would look into it before I give them my money.