Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" 4G Tablets

I had a SquareTrade warranty on an iPad Pro at one point. Broke the screen and they sent me a check for the full amount I paid for it. Same thing with a TV I had at one point. I’ve had multiple great experiences with SquareTrade.

You’re so full of it I can’t even begin to describe it. To think you get the same thing with a cheap Android tablet is the highest form is ignorance.

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It’s refurbished by one of our 3rd party vendors.

Just note that SquareTrade stopped selling warranties for refurbished items directly to consumers a few years ago. You have to buy the warranty through an authorized dealer. Woot is an authorized dealer.

Hi there. Here’s our return policy.

Does anyone know if the battery is replaced during refurbishing process ?!?

Refurb quality varies. Laptop I bought had dirt on the inside and part of the keyboard was popped out. I fixed it in 3 seconds, but the refurbisher felt like that was too much.

The battery is checked and replaced if needed.

What’s the percentage of battery health to be expected for these “refurb” ipad?

Not true. Newest Ipad pro came out in 2019 as I have one.

Why did my IPad Pro 11” come with a lightning cable? The woot offer said it would come with a USB-C cable, but lied.

Oh dear. I’m guessing someone grabbed the wrong cable when boxing it.

Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I had the same thing. I just emailed CS. I can accept refurb, but I’ll never even consider woot refurb again. I had assumed it would at least come with an apple charger - not some 3rd party Hama crap. ( I now see the product contents as generic charger on the listing page - but even still that doesn’t change my mind)

I am not happy with this woot. Wont ever to this again. very expensive lesson learned…ugh.

Hi there. I’m sorry you’re upset. We were clear that it shipped with non-Apple accessories.

They offered a credit.

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Our CS department is wonderful.