Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" 4G Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" 4G Tablets

Will you have the 12.9?

Not today, but soon.

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Darn. I bought the 12.9" (non-4g) last month when you had it up. Would have preferred a 10".

What kind of warranty is available? Or extended warranty like AppleCare?

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

Though you can add on a Square Trade policy for more money.

Assurion (a 4 year warranty) is available through Amazon. Is it available for this item?

No, that warranty is only available if you purchase the item via Amazon.

Thank you. Can you please let me know about the Square Trade warranty (duration/what is covered)? Thank you.

Did I miss it? Since these are refurbs, where is the condition description?

(Only noticed boilerplate spec text from Apple.)

These are very nice tablets, but if you are considering one in this price range, you already know that.

While the condition is not clear, for price reference, this 64GB model $600 price is a very good discount from new.

The iPad Pro 11 with 64GB and cellular radio retails for $950, new, with Apple’s excellent 1-year warranty direct at Apple.

Interestingly, Microcenter currently discounts this model less than the no cellular radio model ($70 vs. $140). Perhaps due to cellular wanters being pre-sold on that feature.

Regarding the Cellular Radio, be sure your use case means you can’t easily tether this to your phone’s cellular data connection when WiFi isn’t available. Apple’s price step new is +$150.

Looks like these won’t work with Verizon though :frowning: bummed!

Really? I see LTE bands 13, 2, and 4 on the specs. Those are the ones Verizon uses.

go to the link, its e-sim

Our vendor has confirmed that these are fully unlocked and will 100% work with Verizon.

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Hi there. It’s a one-year warranty. There’s a box to purchase at the top of the features. If you don’t see it, move to a device that supports Flash.

If you buy the warranty through Square Trade the total price ends up very similar to Apple Refurb without 4g (which comes with a year of Apple Care). If you don’t need 4g and you want a Warranty Apple refurb would be a better way to go. Square Trade can’t approach Apple’s warranty care.

Received mine yesterday, worked fine until today.

Screen is lit and no image, can hear sounds.

Tried reset, no dice.

Since the charger was an all in one, having to prime now a usb-c cable to try to restore through itunes.

If that fails, wondering if anyone else is having issues.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. If the restore doesn’t work, contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

So went through several things.

Finally once I was able to get a USB-C data cable, then I was able to reset into restore mode (Nothing on Screen, just backlight. No Apple logo at boot)

Then after restore the Apple Logo appeared at boot.


Saw online that some chargers can louse up the works, or a bad iCloud backup.

Trying the install again without importing anything from my last iPad air.

Will monitor for a few days and update.



So it did it again during apple pay set up. Trying to restore one more time, but may be hardware.
Then I had to do a full recovery and its back up now.



Tried usb->usb-c and usbc->usb-c cables on two separate computers running iTunes.

Every other time I was getting Unknown Error (75)

Did update and not restore. Shows up in iTunes, but still no display