Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablets

What’s the return policy?
Read some horror stories and don’t want to be stuck with a curved or a fake device? Could care less about the charger being OEM etc but device needs to be legit and functioning well - it’s gonna be a gift.

What’s the actual status of the product?is it in min condition?what’s in the box?is it carrier locked?

Sweet iPad. Odd these showing up so soon - folks who, it turned out really, wanted the 12.9” iPad Pro?

Or perhaps Warehouse Club buyers remorse easy returns? But then where are all the OEM accessories?

And yet again, WOOT!, unlike even lowly FleaBay, refuses to describe the actual condition.

If you’re confident of the condition, how difficult can it be to include condition? If you’re confident they are really clean, say that, along with “may include minor scuffs”, whatever, to cover yourself.

Otherwise, potential customers are left to wonder, these might be beater condition, move on…

There is a network that scoops up these things from pawn shops, etc.

Unless you see “factory” refurbished, not “authorized” or something else, it is just like buying a car at a used car lot. Some sellers really check them out, other just wipe them off.

FYI “Microsoft Authorized” just means they bought real OEM OSs from Microsoft. That’s all.

For example, there are tons of AlphaSmart “portable word processors” formerly used by schools that still have a niche market for some writers. I bought a few and some still had the students writing assignments on them, others leaked batteries. So much for refurbished.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid all refurbished stuff, just be aware of the whole scene. BTW, I have had consistently excellent results with Amazon Fires and Kindles found here.

I’ve gotten at least 4 different phones (Android and iPhone) over a couple of years. Normally the wear is not bad and I never had to return any of them due to terrible shape. It’s nice to know that it’s an option with woots 30 day refund policy

The Stats tab answers 3 of your questions. Maybe not in the detail you’d like, but it’s there.

Just going to have to let the receiver know to run it through its paces advising if anything doesn’t work as it should, or if it doesn’t lay flat.

Hello all. In response to a couple posts:

We work with a small number of vendors to bring your our refurbished products. We don’t work with some dude that scarfs through pawn shops.

These are Grade A condition. While they may show some minor signs of previous ownership, they are far from scratch-n-dent.

We have a 30-day return policy if you’re unhappy with the condition.