Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

Will this iPad work with South African Current 220v/230v?

Who really knows since - even as an $800 tablet refurb, WOOT! doesn’t supply OEM accessories. It’s a generic USB-C charger with no specs mentioned.

And no mention of whether scratches or dents are on these who-knows-refurbed iPads, either.

if you live in SA then you will have several USB plugs around your house. I assume you charge other devices so you will have these one hand. low amp USB will also slow charge your ipad…even when the ipad states its not charging…it really is charging (slowly).

If you are visiting SA then you will need a SA plug adapter to convert the ipad wall wart (charging cube) from US to SA plugs and the charge cube / wall wart will convert SA voltage to the appropriate volts and amps using the USB charger.

My goodness, we’re feisty this morning.

These are refurbished by one of our 3rd party vendors.

They are not scratch-n-dent. While there may be a random scratch or small dent, they’re generally in pretty darn good shape.


Will we be able to purchase Apple care even though they are refurbished?

No. These are not eligible for AppleCare.

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but they are eligible for amex warranty protection :smiley:

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My last refurb idevice purchase from Woot lasted 7 months. That’s after getting a credit when the camera failed during the first 90 days. And since the OEM warranty on certified (which it wasn’t) refurbs is 1 year, my credit card purchase protection didn’t apply. SOL, YMMV.

Just chiming in to say that I bought one of these from Woot in October (12.9" 64GB/Wifi $669), and it has performed flawlessly so far.

The one I bought was refurbished by BuySPRY, and included a janky looking generic USB-C wall charger that has an integrated cable. I’ve never plugged it in, it’s probably fine I guess.

The iPad itself was pretty much flawless, except for a very small mark on the edge of the screen that’s mostly over the bezel area and not really worth complaining about.

Based on my experience, I’d say these are a great value since Apple sells this model refurbished starting at $850 for 64GB and $979 for the 256GB model—though that is including the full 1 year Apple warranty, where these have the 90-day Woot Warranty.

If you’re wavering, I’d say go for it. You’ve got 30 days to return it, and 90 days of warranty coverage to test it out.


Is the 2018 version the “3rd Generation”?

Good morning. Correct, these are

• 2018 Models
• 3rd Generation
• Current Generation
• The newest iPad Pro models

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So why not simply say that on the product page? Even lowly Fleabay does that.

Can you tell me exactly which refurbished company is selling the ipad?
Buyspry has had bad reviews on amazon and elsewhere selling apple products.

my god… stop with all the apple garbage… such trash

On the other hand, I love my iPad Pro.

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my god… stop with all the android garbage… such trash

/see how you sound?

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as if huawai is any better hahahahaha

A 5-inch green screen Linux tablet is more useful than iPad tablet anyday.

Next is a Chromebook from any manufacturer.

Followed by a Fire tablet from

The Windows operating device would then follow that.

And on top of the food chain you would have a basic Android tablet that has more features and functionalities than the iPad has yet even clone. And you don’t have to be a 1 percenter in order to afford it!

Thank God we’re not all socialists and we can have a choice still.

I believe that’s what we call a personal opinion. :smiley: