Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

Well that’s your opinion.

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You might be correct, and from a business ease of cotroll of user deployment I would support that. Although the 140,000 mobile devices I have to manage and the user experience would disagree. Your major airlines have all gone to Samsung as have our government.

I am not advocating Samsung. Used as a factoid only.

Samsung Knox is the best security out there.

Fire tablets are the devil. Amazon doesn’t even properly support their app store.

My primary workstation is a Linux server. I completely understand that a Linux tablet has the ability to do more, but I just want my tablet to work. I don’t mind dropping to Terminal on my Linux computer (as I’ve already been doing this morning) but I don’t want to have to do the same thing on my tablet. That’s why I use reliable Apple hardware for that. I don’t have to worry about the virus and spyware problems that seem to plague the Google Play store, and yet if I need to SSH into my computer or SFTP some files back and forth, there are apps available to help me. Don’t preach to me about how the Apple hardware isn’t flexible. It is. Just not in the hacky, side-loading, virus-infested way android tablets are.

I received the iPad, but not the accessories! As this is for a Christmas gift, I’m in a panic!

Are these coming back in stock anytime soon? Interested in a space grey.

Very likely. Just keep an eye out.

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Missed out on the original deal and the redux. Any hope for a repeat (3rd time’s the charm)?

Maybe? Probably? When? ¯_ (ツ)_/¯