Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

How is the quality of the iPad? Is it similar quality as Apple refurbished iPads?

These are third party refurbished. Only buy refurbished from the factory. It’s the only safe bet IMO.

Anybody have the 12.9" version? How do you guys like the size of it? I’ve been debating on these for a while. I might prefer the smaller version since you could take it around wherever.

Having had both the 11" and the 12.9", it depends. If you plan on doing A LOT of drawing or taking notes for a class, then go for the 12.9" since the extra screen real estate is nice to have for those tasks. Otherwise, the 11" is much nicer for doing normal tablet stuff (movies, tv shows, everyday apps, surfing the web, occasional notes/drawing)

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Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I’ll hold off on this then, normal tablet usage (same things you mentioned) as well as using it as an extra monitor when I’m working remotely are the two big things for me.

$700 for a pad? PT Barnum was right.

Any hope for someone who missed this deal - will we see it again?

Maybe? Probably? When? ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯