Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9" Tablets

What a terrible deal, typically woot “refurbished”, 90 days warranty, 2019 price in 2020.
The worst is - The Apple refurbished one is sold $699 on Apple official site, with guaranteed new body, battery, genuine charger and full one year warranty (Albeit oos atm), I’d much prefer to watch stock on Apple site then paying for this.


Apple only has 2nd gen/2017 ipads in stock… thus cheaper weaker chips.


Identical, new in box on the 'mazon is only $50 more for the 64 gig.

Edit: This is crazy. I bought it new on 'mazon for 799.99 last night. Wake up and see this deal…now it’s listed for 899.99. That’s a sly move, making people think this is a better deal than it is.


If you have a friend that works at apple store you can get 15% off apple price anyways. This deal isn’t worth it.

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This is terrible deal, woot is not the same anymore.

Haven’t heard that before. Good job!