Apple iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB Wi-Fi Tablets

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB Wi-Fi Tablets
Price: $314.99
Shipping Options:: $6 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Oct 03 to Monday, Oct 08) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Retail on the 32 GB was $599, not $899. ($899 was for 256 GB.) Give me 65% off on this device (i.e., charge me $209.65), and I’ll consider it.

Thank you. We updated the list price.

Not even a peep about the actual condition of these refurbs? Did I miss it?

Only the generic Woot popup from “Refurbished”.

Don’t ever buy a refurb when the seller makes no claims about condition. You have nothing to point to when the damage is something you won’t accept.

… also disappointing the promo email from Woot makes no mention these are “refurbs”.

Really, to be transparent and avoid customer confusion, Woot should include “Used” or “Refurb” in the title as well.

Can I get the same 65% off the real price of 599$ as well?

This doesn’t seem like much of a deal when you you can get a brand new new iPad with a better processor that also works with Apple Pencil for $15 more.

Which model are you talking about with better processor? For $15 more, Post link thanks

He’s talking about the brand new 9.7 inch iPad. It has the a10 processor with stylus support for 329.99. The stylus is an extra $99

This is only 1 processor down and has the smart connectors and a fully laminated display that the newest regular “iPad” doesn’t have.

Ordered one but just realized it did not say condition or model. Anyone see model numbers? Need to know if 2016 or 2017/2018 model for case.

There was only 1 model year (2016) of the 9.7" iPad Pro.