Apple iPad Pro 9.7" Tablet - Your Choice

Apple iPad Pro Tablets - Your Choice

Well it’s a hundred bucks less than the official Apple refurbished but this is still the original Pro with an A9x processor which is getting a bit long in the tooth. My advice? Spend 100-150 bucks more and get the refurbished 10.5 Pro model instead. Better everything and more future proofed.

The title says, “iPad Pro”, but the description text says, “iPad Air”. Just want to verify which one it is.

The 9.7 model is not a good deal. You can get all the features and a NEW warranty on the 2018 ipad 9.7 with an A10 Proc . You can use apple pencil and bluetooth keyboard. All for less money.

That’s the creative text. Go by the title and specs. These are iPad Pros. Thank you!