Apple iPad Pro 9.7" Tablets- Your Choice

Apple iPad Pro 9.7" Tablets- Your Choice

Why buy refurb when Wallyworld has the 128gb for $350 new? Possibly $340 with coupon code.

Make sure you’re looking at an iPad Pro. I don’t see that price for a Pro.

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Definitely not the Ipad Pro. Shows that price for a regular Ipad

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a discontinued model from 2016. You’re probably better off buying a new iPad, as the 2018 model has a better processor for virtually the same price as this refurb. The Pro has better cameras, if that’s a buying point.

Be sure of what you post- kind of what happens on the internets today, no one checks things.
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Starting tonight (I assume 12:00 Midnight EST, Nov 22nd, on line only), Costco has the latest NEW, not refurbed iPad (with the A10 Fusion Chip processor, meaning it is faster and will not be obsolete as soon as these will be from iOS updates) 32 GB, for $249.99 ($70 off), and Costco’s 90 day free returns & full Apple warranty, so if your not sure, this would be the way to go.

It still shows $319.99, but will change when it starts.