Apple iPad Pro 9.7" Tablets- Your Choice

Apple iPad Pro 9.7" Tablets- Your Choice

Wow. An iPad, and nobody has commented on how wonderful or terrible this deal is, or why I should or should not buy it?

It seems like the Woot community has really flatlined.

What model year is this?

nevermind, found it.

Hey there! I’m here to help. I don’t think the Woot community has flat-lined, I think our new fancy forums make it easier to see reviews on items we have sold in the past. Just copy and paste the title of the item and put it in the Search “magnifying glass” above and it’ll bring up all the forums from sales past. I think a lot of Wooters are utilizing this more and more as you’ll likely see repeat comments and reviews in past sales. Hope this helps!

Oh muh gorsh!!! An iPad!!! SOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!

Stupid ipads…dumb apple…blech

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That did help. Thanks


These are W00t refurbs, yes? Not Apple’s?

Correct, these are sent to a third party refurbishing company whom we trust.

What model year are these and what IOS is it?