Apple iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Apple iPad Pro Keyboard Case

I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I got my iPad Pro! I have the 10.5… Any compatibility with this model also?

Is this the Apple brand keyboard case? If not, what brand is it?

Nope. I was checking for the same thing for my 10.5" iPad Pro.

Excellent, let’s see if this one develops connectivity issues in a few years too like my current keyboard. I tried asking Apple Support for a replacement since it’s apparently a known issue but I think I was too late on that.

This is the Apple brand keyboard, yeah. Or I sure hope so since I ordered and that’s what the pictures are. :smile:

Yup! It’s a problem with the relay at the left top of the keyboard. I tried every fix there was to fix it. I did get one replacement through Apple and it lasted just about a year like the other one. Pretty sure they don’t support it anymore as it is no longer on their website! Hopefully this one will last long enough until we get an upgrade in the future! Other than this one issue, it’s a great keyboard but don’t expect it to last!