Apple iPad Smart Covers

We’re discussing iPhone5 because the world isn’t complicated enough?

For $15 these are okay. As long as you are already paying the $5 shipping on something else. I paid $39 when I first got my iPad2 quite a while back. So I’ve had it for a few years now. It gets dirty and is hard to clean. It’s kind of a unique material. I use windex on the outside cover of it and that sort of works. It’s got the softer felt-like material up against the screen when it’s closed but when you open it, that part ends up opened up to the elements and on tables so then when you close it again, you are putting that dirty surface against your screen. Not the best design. For the money, it’s okay if you don’t really go anywhere with your iPad. If your iPad goes everywhere with you, invest in a more heavy duty protective case/cover.

I got one of these for $20 on ebay a few years ago to use with my iPad 3 and it was worth the money. I really like the typing/viewing angle it allows.

I have the neon green one and I’ve never cleaned it and it still looks pretty good on both sides. I guess I’ve never had the “dirty felt” problem because I never just fold the cover flush against the back; I almost exclusively use my iPad in triangle mode with the outside facing out.