Apple iPads

what can you do with these things? Most current apps wont work.

Don’t bother. My iPad 1 crashes all the time. They don’t have enough RAM to allow many websites and apps to open.

I love how the picture strategically hides the top bezel in order to hide the fact that there is no front-facing camera–a dead giveaway that these are first gen iPads.

What do you mean “hide”? First gen is written in the title of every product page. It’s the headline!

I have a 16 GB first generation iPad and find it still quite functional. My granddaughter is almost 3 years old and loves watching Angry Birds cartoons on my iPad. I bought a 32 GB one of these that I will probably take over and pass my old one down to her.

Yes, there is no camera. Yes, Siri does not function on these models, but all of the apps I need run fine.

I do hope the refurbishment is more than a quick rubdown with a microfiber cloth. Apple refurbs have new batteries and new aluminum cases.

I have a lot of files, apps, and music and I still have memory left over. I suppose people who need 64 GB must store a lot of video files or movies.

In for one!

I also have an iPad mini, so I am familiar with newer speedier models. I prefer the larger size of my first generation model.

This might sound like a dumb question, but, since the wi-fi only models are sold out, if I buy one of the wi-fi and 3g models, can I use it as wi-fi only?

Yes, there is no need to activate the 3G on these. No subscription needed!

1st Gen isn’t indicated on the main page.
I too was disappointed when I opened to the next page, but that said, it should have been obvious to me by the pricing.

Anyone know what year/years the 1st Gens were sold? Wasn’t Steve Jobs still alive then?

No front-facing camera either.
I can’t believe the Apple brand can still get this kind of coin for such old tech. Android tablets that are 2 years old don’t sell this high.

The first gen iPad came out in April 2010 and was sold for one year. Yes, Steven Jobs was still alive.

I have a 1st gen iPad. It still works fine but was abandoned by Apple a couple of years ago. That means it runs on an old OS that won’t run new apps…

Who is buying these? You can buy newer android tablets, still supported with specs that blow these away for the same price or slightly more. I can understand the folks that have a functioning ipad because they bought it back in 2010, but what is attractive about buying one now?

Social status and a sense of elitism. That’s the only reason I can come up with.

Yup, just like redtape said it will work fine without it. In fact that is why I still have my iPhone 3GS. It makes a great mp3 player.

I traded my iPad 16g wifi only like these in at Target last year…they had a deal that they would give you $200.00 for any iPad as long as it worked and had no cracks. The $200.00 was in a gift card…traded it in for a mini…that was $400.00…gee would be a nice deal if they did that again.!!!

Can you point to 64GB 10" tablets with a high-quality screen and cellular data (though no LTE) for $150?

These clearly aren’t for everyone, but the price isn’t out of line just for a media player with that screen size. Any other apps it’ll still run are a bonus.

Would this work to use just as a “cash register” with my PayPal card reader? My Samsung tablet doesn’t work well with those apps. They all seem geared toward apple.

It looks like the original iPad (aka iPad 1) is stuck with iOS 5.1.1.

You should check what version of iOS is required by your paypal card reader app.

If I was to guess, I would guess no, this old iOS version is not supported by paypal’s app.

I have a 16GB first gen that I bought refurbished on WOOT many years ago. It is still alive and kicking with no signs of EVER dying. I haven’t had a speck of trouble with it. True- you can no longer update the iOS- but it’s really no big deal. It is just bombproof. I take it on all vacations as a laptop replacement (for surfing only) and use it to surf every night while watching TV. I love it. (I also have a couple years old Mini to satisfy my need for new.) It’s a dang good price for a device that will most likely live for years to come.