Apple iPads

I have a newer iPad Mini but also have a 1st gen 64gb iPad that makes a great portable second monitor for my laptop.(need one for work) There’s an app called Twomonusb that works through Usb instead of wifi like most apps of this type. Works flawlessly (ie. no lag)and I have the added utility of the iPad’s other functions should I need them not to mention great battery life. If I didn’t already have one, I’d consider picking one up at this price just for that purpose.

Same here…Bought it May 30, 2011 (for $489.99! wow…forgot how expensive it was). Got the 64GB with wifi and 3G. Use it just like you and it still goes fine, except Chrome crashes once in a while, and yes, you can’t use apps that need iOS 6.

Never activated the 3G but I am thinking of doing it if I find a cheap, pay as you go option for road trips with the kids.