Apple iPads

You would not want this as your main tablet. It would make a good kid tablet. This tablet will be forever on iOS 5.1.1 Apple has stopped OS support for this generation.

Just got mine yesterday and for the 1st time in my Woot history I am disappointed! I was not knowledgeable enough about this product! It is a 1st generation ipad and you can only update it to ios 5.1.1 BUT aps today need ios 6 or higher! Very disappointed in Woot & myself!

I remember the last Woot on these iPads. Plenty of users posted limitations with these iPads. Guess it’s an expensive lesson, right?

We actually just bought one of these for my 75 year old father-in-law. They work great as just a web browsing/email/youtube machine. If you need much more than that, then look elsewhere.

My grandfather was in wwii and if he needed this to defend this nation we’d all be speaking german. Hippies.

Me too! I had no idea that I bought an ipad that came over on the Mayflower. The last few items I have purchase have been really questionable choices. I could do with less journalistic funny-guy and more relevant information about items to help me make a wise choice.
The Dyson I got was a total lemoln, the recent diamond stud earrings my jeweler said poor quality, the box is probably of more a value than the tiny cloudy inferior " diamonds" .
So, what use are these stone aged i-pads ? I’m about done with woot…

Step 1: Install iTunes on computer
Step 2: Puchase/download apps using iTunes
Step 3: Install apps on iPad (Legacy versions will automatically install in place of 6.0+ versions)

I never understood why people get mad at the places they buy items from when they get buyer’s remorse. It’s clearly written out in the specs. that these are first generation iPads for sale.

Don’t bring down a great company due to your inability to read the entire item description.

Reading is hard!

Don’t buy it!

  • This has no camera
  • OS is stuck IOS 5.1
  • Apps are too old - they are crashing all the time
  • Frequent reboot needed
  • Slooooooow

I would say these are worth about $50.00 realistically. It’s amazing how often they turn up here and the price doesn’t come down.

I wonder if these would be useful in a limited use area - such as a square register system.

In the last sale, I got the 64gb. Didn’t bother with the supplied charger, used an actual Apple charger, instead. Charged 100%. In the past few days I’ve added 100 apps, some the latest, mostly the latest compatible. Working, just fine, thank you. Only disappointment, a significant ding in the upper left corner. Still, happy with my purchase.

I’d feel bad getting this for my kid. I had one when they first came out, was awesome then. Not so much now.

If all you want it for is web surfing and youtube then it’s fine.

Well, I bought one without the knowledge that it only supports iOS 5.1.1 and have sent 2 messages to support and 1 email over 2 hours ago. Hopefully they can cancel in time

You can self-cancel orders in the first 15 minutes. There’s a link in my signature for that.

After that, we can’t cancel orders because it’s already released for processing.

CS will answer your message in the order it was received.

Immediately after ordering the status read “Shipping Now” and offered no option to cancel.

No, they won’t work for Square. I was intending to get one for JUST THAT and my more tech savvy husband told me to check the Square site… their app won’t run on a 1st Gen iPad. SUxor.

I wouldn’t get one of these for a child. My now 4 yr old daughter has had the iPad mini for almost 2 yrs. I can’t imagine her having an outdated iPad and not being able to actually use it to its full potential. Educational apps, Netflix, Disney Jr., etc. I don’t think they would hold up on the 1st generation.