Apple iPads

Guess the new batch of Apple stuff is about to be released.

More iCrap. Great!

I guess it just means more practically new stuff gets thrown aside, for the brand new. Consumerism at its finest.

It already was, the new Ipad Air came out a few months ago. These are decent deals, but I think I’ll pay 15% more and get a new one.

Looks like these ARE new. The 4th Gen iPads are only available as refurbs on the Apple site, and the only new 1st gen Minis available from Apple are the 16 GB variant.

So if you want “new” in these configurations, this is the place to get them.

So… these are the non-retina display models, right? why are these 32/64 gig, but Apple is only offering 16 gig? Are these the last few they’re getting rid of (the woot ones)?

These would appear to be the left-over non-retina Minis that came out in late 2012. When Apple introduced the retina Mini this past November, they kept the non-retina 16 GB option and knocked the price down to $299 (from $329). That’s the only capacity they sell for that model now. If you want a new Mini in 32, 64 or 128 GB, you have to get one of these or go retina.

4th Gen iPads and iPad Mini are Retina…

32/64 v 16 - Just the old model that they have to dump somewhere. Apple would rather sell you the new one and most people wanting more storage will spend for the new one. A lot of places have these still.

Last few? Some of the last certainly as they have been replaced months ago by the iPad Air, they are the old model. But I don’t know about “few” as you can still by the iPad 2 (2nd Generation) new, but why would you for the price?

Just to clarify: These Minis are NOT retina. (The iPad 4s are, though.)

Apple Refurbished iPad mini with Wi-Fi 64GB - Black & Slate $419+tax and free shipping with full one year Apple warranty and eligible for AppleCare+.
Apple Refurbished iPad mini with Wi-Fi 64GB - White & Silver $419+tax and free shipping is currently out of stock but check back often as they do restock.

Yeah, its tragic how all those newly-obsolete iPads headed toward the landfill. It’s not like you can get good money for them in the aftermarket.

Some of these are the 1st generation…wow…the cost of these are high…I traded my 64g 1st gen in at Target and only got $200.00 for it…I looked all over and this was the best deal going for a used one…WOOT has one for $469.00…gee…for a little extra you can buy a new one…

I absolutely love my iPad mini. I had the 16gb version, which I gave to my wife and got the new 32GB Mini Retina when it came out. It’s a stunning piece of hardware (and I’m NOT an apple fan).

If you are going to do a lot of reading on the mini (and it’s the PERFECT size for reading IMO), I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Retina model. While I had about 8+ months of solid reading on mine, books, magazines, PDFs manuals, etc… once I got the Retina model, it was a night and day difference, especially with PDF magazines. Also, all my ebooks were MUCH crisper. The newer Retina model is also WAAYYY faster too. The iPad Mini is based off the iPad2, the new Mini Retina is based off the iPad Air. I had a few large photo portfolio apps that would take forever to load and sometimes crash and give memory errors on the old mini…on the new one, they opened right up and worked with zero issues and way faster.

Just some food for thought.

I won’t knock the old mini, its still a GREAT tablet, and my wife loves it very much.

The 1st gen mini was the latest generation before the retina display (there are only 2 generations of minis). These aren’t that old.

I love my 1st gen mini.

I love the main product photo: With these expensive electronic devices you can… see stuff that’s immediately in front of you?

Yeah! And look how much clearer it is! See the world around you in HD!

I suppose these are decent prices if you’re determined to buy a “new” model. (By “new” I mean not used or refurbished, but it’s technically not new since it is the older model) If you are ok with a refurbished model with the same warranty, you can save at least another 15%. eg, ipad mini wi-fi 32GB refurbished is only $340 instead of this price of $400.

These are NOT good deals. I bought two used but MINT condition 3rd Gen Ipads (retina display with slightly slower processor and 30-pin connector) on CL from local owners and got to use and inspect each prior to paying. Bought a 32GB WiFi 3rd Gen for $300 and 32GB Wifi+Cellular 3rd Gen for $325. No way I’d spend $200+ more to get a 4th gen. If you want/need to be on iOS right now the 3rd Gen iPad offers the best bang for the buck.

I have the “old” mini and love it. I carry it in my purse. I got my first iPad, the original, from WOOT and it is still going so strong that I can’t justify retiring it. Sure, there’s no camera, and I can’t update the iOS any longer, but those are minor inconveniences. As far as I can tell, it’s going to live forever!

Is it just me or was there a time way back when, when refurbished and barely discounted iPads used to sell out by noon?

Oh how the Mighty have fallen.