Apple iPads

Can someone please explain how Apple MD514LL/A 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi (4th Gen) - White is a deal at $529?

Isn’t it listed at $499 on

I think you’re looking at refurbs, these are new iPads.

Since refurb ipads from the Apple Store come with a 1 year warranty and are ok for Applecare coverage, what does a new old model iPad get that a refurb doesn’t? I’m not seeing enough advantage for the cost.

I don’t think I am:

That’s an iPad mini, we’re selling this model of the iPad mini in white & black in this sale, 32g for $399.

I don’t see the 4th gen iPad in the Apple store.

Ahhh… thanks. I feel dumb, but there are way too many models to keep track off now.

You’re telling me- I had to do way too much research just to figure out if you might be right :stuck_out_tongue:

Do these ship with iOS6 or iOS7 preloaded?

Probably iOS6 since these are an older model.

Why aren’t there any 16Gb minis offered. I’d jump on that. I just don’t need 32.

Also, I can’t seem to find a 32GB mini 1st gen on Apple’s website new. Are these refurbs?

The apparently same product is $31 cheaper at Amazon.

How is it that amazon owns woot (or so I’ve been lead to believe), yet you can get at 32GB 4th gen on Amazon for $499 (with free shipping!), but $529 at woot? 16GB+ATT 4G is cheaper at amazon as well.

Android master race reporting in