Apple iPhone 11 (Fully Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 11 (Fully Unlocked)

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Who did the refurbishing? Apple? What do the phones come with? Charger? Headphones? Expected condition? More information would be helpful.

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If Apple did the refurbishing you would have a 1 year warranty, new battery and accessories. It is a guessing game with these what condition you will get. Not sure the price really is a good choice. You can get a new 11 128gb from Apple for $629 if you have something like a decent condition Iphone 7 to trade in or $749 no trade in. With the Woot offer you’d need to pay another $89 to get a year coverage. Not knowing the condition of the device you will receive I feel makes this not a good offer. If it was in the $550-ish range then maybe.

Hello. One of our vendors did the refurbishing. If a manufacturer does the refurbishing, we list it as Factory Reconditioned.

The specs tab lists what’s included:

In the Box:

  • Apple iPhone 11 (Fully Unlocked) (Renewed)
  • Charging Cable

Fully agree - at Verizon I can get a brand new, full warranty phone for $100 more. Not worth it.


People will have a real surprise within the year on what you will be able to buy a smart phone for…

These units are “Renewed” AKA “A-Grade” units. Woot offers a full return policy on these.

Wow…don’t leave us hanging with that comment. Care to elaborate?

If the rumors are right the iPhone 12 will start at $649 and the most expensive one will be $1049! Phones will be 5G and have a oled display with a smaller notch! Given my experience with refurbished phones from Woot before these are probably the renewed ones which means nothing but a used phone packed up in a generic box and charger and a lottery in terms of condition and orginal manufacturer warranty. Purchased a few pixels and even though it was listed as like new came with scratches and dings all over! Not worth it at all. Also Costco sells iphone 11 at $50 less and the pro models for $100 less than MSRP everyday even without any deals and if you can get it on a carrier deal then you can have a brand new phone for almost 50 percent discount ::joy:

This is just sad. I used to buy from woot all the time. Old management should buy the newwoot .com domain and start over.

They already have Meh, SideDeal, Casemates, Mediocritee, and MorningSave.

Do we REALLY need a 6th site?

(And yes, I know that they have other domains, not all of which are public, I’m talking about where they currently sell.)

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A lousy $100 off (iPhone 11 is $699 brand new, unlocked, from Apple) for a used phone and no Apple OEM accessories (charger, cable, earbuds), with a paltry 90-day Woot warranty?

Vs, a brand new, battery condition known, with the wonderful 1-Year Apple warranty, phone.

iPhone residual values are indeed mind-blowing if $599 is the market price for a used iPhone 11.