Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Unlocked)

Can I use the phone outside US?

we don’t have that information. Best to check with your carrier.

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I’ve never bought a refurbished mobile phone, to those of you that have, were they up to your expectations or did they fall short?

I’m interested in the Apple iPhone 11 Pro MAX unlocked for my wife.

Yes I have been reasonably happy with refurbished mobiles phones. I never purchased one from, I’ve purchased directly from the mother ship. I never had any functional or cosmetic issues. The only caveat is battery life. My last refurb purchase was a Samsung S20 and the battery life was underwhelming. Even with power saving enabled, location turned off, and light to moderate use, the phone just about makes it through a full day (~16 hours). I don’t believe the claim “Batteries are tested to function at minimum 85% capacity.”

However I did save $400 off the listed price of the phone, so I don’t regret the purchase. YMMV.