Apple iPhone 11 Pro - Unlocked (NEW)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro - Unlocked (NEW)

Hi Fellow Woot-ti-a’s
I have not had Apple products since the iPhone 5, so I would appreciate some help with this offer.

:+1: or :-1:

Thank you!

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It probably works fine except for wireless charging…

The Samsung 21 5G is probably the most feature rich phone…Technology wise…and the price is pretty darn good…

The only reason you buy Apple these days are if you are married to their platform…


Considering that these are new iPhones, not refurbished? Good discounts.

Iphone 11 pro in green 512gb are $1,020 refurb on apple’s official website.

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What would be the issue with wireless charging? This phone was released in 2019, has a glass back. Wirelessly charging shouldn’t be a problem with certified Qi chargers.

@nuggy there are other reasons to buy Apple products, granted, not necessarily by “choice.” Many of the higher quality hearing aids that are available, especially with noise cancelling are made for the Apple platform. Don’t ask me why, cause I do not have a reason. That being said, I will be getting higher end hearing aids and if that means I have to have an Apple phone, it is what it is.

I agree, I by far prefer Samsung over Apple and will be getting a new one for my other phone line.


Has anyone’s phones shipped yet? The listing stated it was going to ship within 24 hrs and mine has not @ThunderThighs any idea?

Hi there. It shipped on Friday. Looks like you’ll get it on 3/31.