Apple iPhone 11 (Unlocked) (S&D)

Apple iPhone 11 (Unlocked) (S&D)

The one gen old iPhone 11 remains a great phone and few mainstream users will feel the difference between it and the iPhone 12.

Pricing -

This Woot deal with Woot 90-day Woot warranty:
$480/560/600 (64/128/256GB storage)

Apple still sells the iPhone 11, brand new, with 1-year Apple warranty:

If you’re a heavy phone user, and happen to receive a phone with 90% or less “Battery Health” (check it in Settings/Battery), you’ll likely “feel” the hit to battery health in battery duration… budget for a proper battery replacement by Apple for $69. If you’re a light user, even 85% will likely be fine for the time-being.

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Thank for the great info re:

  1. the Apple store comparisons. ( Puts faith in woot purchases by me.)
  2. My pet peeves, the battery all vendors show as binary “good”. Your advise to budget is spot on. I would extend to any used device that has an internal battery! Not just cell phones. :+1:

Battery info is stated in the gold box in the features.